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Demonstration of a stress free housecall or mobile veterinary visit and examination.

Client Reviews:

Jenn P:

Both Cathy and Gayle came out to my acreage that is about 25 minutes east of Sherwood Park on Sun Mar 26, 2017 to euthanize my poor 18 year old cat Princess. No other mobile vets would "come out that far" which seems ridiculous to me. Aren't they "mobile"?? Anyway, my cat had bladder cancer and the time came to euthanize her quite suddenly and I did not want her suffering. These ladies came out as soon as they could so my cat didn't have to suffer long. They were great to deal with. They listened to what I had to say, they did not rush me and they were kind and compassionate. I feel they knew what they were doing and although I sadly have had to euthanize animals before this, they did a great job explaining the process and options available to me. Although there is no cost too large that would stop me from having an at home euthanasia when possible, their rates were more than reasonable. Princess passed away peacefully, at home where she was comfortable. There was no stressful drive to the vet which to me is priceless! It is always hard to lose a pet, however knowing their passing was peaceful makes it quite a bit easier to deal with. While they were here, I also had them look at another cat that has been having health problems. Again, they were great with listening and gave me a couple things to try. I kept their business card as I still have 5 remaining house cats, I am certain I will use their services again! Thanks so much Cathy and Dr. Gayle McDonald

Glen & Karen B:

We had Cathy and Dr. McDonald come out to examine both of our cats, and to administer a rabies vaccine to one of them. We were very happy with the service, and appreciated the fact that they both love cats. They were very thorough, and took the time to explain the medications, give dietary advice, and shaved out a couple of bad matts from the older cat. The whole experience was much less stressful than taking our cats to the vet. We would highly recommend their' service, and will certainly use them in the future

Marlene C:

"Best Veterinary team in Edmonton. We have been clients of Dr. MacDonald and Cathy for 5+ years and we will follow them anywhere. Dr. Macdonald has kept our complicated cats well when others failed miserably. With this team on your side your cats will thrive."

Celeste B:

"Great housecall team! Both experienced professionals that adore cats and always put their patients first."

Erik Y:

"I would like to thank you for your wonderful and professional service we experienced last week.
After 19 years, our beloved Feego was ready to go. You came to our home (our back yard actually!) and were so helpful with your empathic yet honest assessment.
Feego died painlessly, in her favourite place, surrounded by people who loved her and her favourite vet and tech (as much as a cat can love her vet and tech haha).
Thank you again and we will see you soon for further vet care with our other little family members."

Monica Z:

"We have been clients of Dr. McDonald and Cathy for over 8 years and are so glad they offer mobile services. Nayko, Mynka and Wyllow don't mind the car ride and love the vet, but it now saves me a 20 minute drive in each direction to have them come to the house and that's worth something to me!"

Dr. Gayle McDonald

Gayle McDonald has been a veterinarian for almost 20 years.  She graduated from WCVM in Saskatoon in 1998. She worked with a variety of species until devoting her focus to cats in 2007 when she purchased the Glenora Cat Clinic. She has two cats (Tang and Sophie) at home who are spoiled rotten.


Cathy is a Registered Veterinary Technologist (RVT) who graduated from NAIT in 1996. She is owned by her cats Moo, Arya, and Loki. She enjoys spending time with her human family and participating in sports. Cathy also has her own pet-sitting business called Pet Angels where she performs in-home care for cats.